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Utilizing groundbreaking technology, Nine Chronicles is a blockchain MMORPG powered by the players, set in a world that can never be shut down. Governed by the community, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency, Nine Chronicles invites you to aid the goddess Freya in her eternal struggle against an evil ravaging the land.

  • You drive the in-game economy — Every item on the market will be crafted and traded by the players, not us. Merchants can match the supply and demand of exotic items and materials using Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG).
  • You own the game data — Nine Chronicles has no server, and runs fully on a peer-to-peer network of players (or blockchain). That means Nine Chronicles cannot be shut down, even by us, and the community will always own the data.
  • You'll own the code, too — We think it's crucial for decentralized games to be open-sourced, so we are going to do just that! Feel free to mod this work in any way, build extensions, or join the community to help us build Nine Chronicles together 😉
  • Own a share of the in-game economy — NCG has a limited supply, and will be used to power the market, the crafting forge, governance features, and key ecosystem development. Stake NCG to earn exclusive energy potions and hourglasses, which can be sold to other players in the market.

"The game runs entirely on a blockchain and cannot be shut down by the developer, nor can it force through updates that players do not want." See More

"Nine Chronicles goes even a step further than that. Not only is the game distributed, but it's also open-source, meaning that anyone can edit the game and create their own version." See More

MMO that Runs on a P2P Network, Giving Players Full Control

Online games are too often centralized experiences that alienate their players, operated to maximize profit at all costs. When they eventually shut down, years of friendship and effort can disappear without any trace.

As gamers ourselves, our team wanted to use decentralization to imagine a world created and upheld by its passionate community. Instead of running on a hosted server, Nine Chronicles fully runs on a peer-to-peer network of players (or blockchain). It is a new kind of a virtual world that doesn't depend on the game company — an online world that can exist as long as there are players powering and mining it.

To achieve this mission, we've built Libplanet, a new distributed ledger technology library for P2P MMO worlds. Nine Chronicles is the first game based on Libplanet. Join us to play, mine, govern the world together!

Open Sourced & Infinitely Moddable

Open sourced to the community at launch

We believe in the ingenuity of gamers (you!), and always dreamed of creating a massively multiplayer games with open community contribution. We're going to open source Nine Chronicles' code, art, animation, the whole works on launch, so that if anyone has an awesome idea, you don't have to ask anyone for permission to try!

We'd also love your help on building and growing the Nine Worlds — and we've started an ecosystem support program for it. The mainnet launch is only the beginning, and we can't wait to share the ideas we have in store!

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The great war between the gods ripped the Nine Worlds apart, and even though the gods eventually put an end to their conflict, the scars of war had already started to cause Yggdrasil, the world tree to wither. Then one day, a stray cat in Midgard wishing to be reborn as a human, was called by the goddess and reincarnated as a half-cat, half-human being.

Combat System

The World of Nine Chronicles has 9 regions in total. For example, Yggdrasil, the first region of the game, is inhibited by cute little teratoma creatures that attack everything on sight.

Nine Chronicles is an idle-style RPG that simulates every battle on-chain. With all the critical hits, shining loots, and different enemy patterns, every stage will be a new challenge to overcome. Fresh regions with unique enemies, bosses, and materials will be unlocked as you move through the depths of each region.


You can craft an item or upgrade the ones you have with the help of Dvergr, the renowned cat blacksmith. You can gather crafting materials during your journey through different regions, or you could simply trade with others in the marketplace.

Once you begin crafting an item, you can check its progress in the ‘Workshop’ tab. The progress is measured not in physical time like seconds or hours, but in a number of blocks produced. When you discover more complex recipes, you will need to work together with other players to equip the latest gear.

The Market

Jade is pleased to see you, I think...

Jade, once a thief audacious enough to steal the heavenly jewels, waits for you at the marketplace located by the town gates. Of course, now all this is but a history of the past, and she diligently watches over her shop... Through Jade, the players can buy items they need, or sell unwanted ones that others might find helpful. Since Nine Chronicles is 100% decentralized, the shop will always be full of items created by the players, not the developers.


Gearing up before the battle

Dungeon gets harder to clear as you progress through each region. Of course, you can keep on leveling up and crafting better gear, but you can also take a more strategic approach to clear the dungeon with less effort. You can take advantage of the elemental properties of your equipment as well the enemy’s, and boost your stats with consumables to clear dungeons you find particularly difficult. Likewise if you're having trouble defeating another player, make sure to equip proper items with debuffs and heal.

The Arena

How does your build and strategy stack up? Join the battle arena to prove your worthiness among other players, and climb up your way to the higher rankings. Anyone meeting the requirement can compete in the arena and discover other players of the world. There is a fitting daily reward for the highest rankers, and with Devon’s strict and disciplined guidance, you can be sure that no cheating will occur.

Upcoming Features

The launch of Nine Chronicles mainnet is only the beginning: the world will be developed by Planetarium and the community years after the release. Currently being worked on are five additional regions, global boss events, complex recipes, and more. Join our Discord to offer suggestions or talk to our community! Our recent closed beta test was enjoyed by over 1500 players (read more).

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG)

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) is the main currency used in the world of Nine Chronicles. The supply is limited by design, and players can spend NCG to craft powerful items, trade with other users, challenge each other, and grow faster. It will also power the world's governance and ecosystem programs.

NCG isn't necessary in the beginning stages of exploration, but NCG's needs may gradually increase as you grow more powerful. Eventually, you can stake NCG to earn energy potions and unique items which can be used by you or sold to other users for profit. NCG is limited in supply, and can be only purchased in the sale event or mined.

Own a Share of the In-Game Economy

  • 🏦Earning Exclusive In-Game Reward: Staking NCG for periodic in-game reward is a key feature of Nine Chronicles network. Instead of purchasing items off the market, you can stake NCG to receive energy potions, hourglasses, and other exclusive consumables periodically. This effectively reduces the surplus supply of NCG and gives you a share of the game economy by allowing you to create and sell exclusive in-game items. We're excited to open up this opportunity to the community for the first time.

Some Ways of Spending NCG

  • 🔨Crafting Items: NCG is not required to craft equipments with fewer than two materials, but NCG must be melt to craft higher tier items, building in base price into higher tier items.
  • ⚖️Trading Items: NCG is used to sell or purchase items from the public market. Any player can list items on the market, and get paid when another player makes a purchase.
  • 🤺Challenging Players: Players pay entrance fee in NCG to enter a battle arena to challenge other players. The pool created from the entrance fee is split among the winners each week.
  • 📈Accelerating Growth: To make sure that we can keep Nine Chronicles free-to-play for new users, user's actions are capped by an energy gauge which refills every few hours. To refill energy faster, players can purchase energy potions from the public market from other players (more on this later). Crafting item also takes a set amount time, which can be accelerated by purchasing hourglasses from the market.

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Have questions about this project? Please check out our FAQ, find us on Twitter, join our Discord, or email us!